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J. McGinley Company has been operating in the bus and truck service industry for over thirty-five years. At JMC Stainless, we use our wealth of industry knowledge to manufacture and distribute maximum performance parts at highly competitive prices.

Our tube and pipe products are made from high quality, 304L stainless steel. Our replacement parts are bent and welded to completely match OEM specifications.


Stainless vs OEM

Each of our products comes with a standard, LIFETIME warranty. When you make a purchase, you can be confident your parts will hold up to the corrosive elements of the road.

Here at JMC Stainless, we stand by our word that your investments are for LIFE.


J. McGinley Company has been operating in the bus and truck service industry for over thirty-five years. The owner, Joseph Mcginley, has been with the company since its inception. From his experiences with inferior parts breaking down and causing repetitive replacement costs
as well as strains on maintenance budgets, he realized there was a pervasive problem with the industry.
In 2007, a Tube and Pipe Sales Division was developed to provide a solution to this problem. This branch of the company was designed to manufacture parts out of high quality material at a reasonable price for those who need an alternative to standard parts with short lifespans. The
alternative we provide is stainless steel. This material is very beneficial for a wide variety of applications as it can withstand harmful conditions caused by weather, temperature changes, and corrosive chemicals. Since stainless steel can be produced in many different grades that are suitable for specific applications, they need to be carefully chosen by those who are experienced with the material.
J. McGinley Company has gained a wealth of knowledge on stainless steel from its countless hours working and researching the material and is capable of making these proper decisions on the various applications for each grade. We can ensure that our parts will provide maximum performance at competitive prices. We know our stainless steel can offer many benefits to our consumers and we are in business to make sure our customers get the best product available for a fair price.

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