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Why Stainless?

If you are in the trucking or bussing industry, chances are you are throwing your money away.


Almost all commercial automotive thin wall tubing that make up coolant, exhaust, and intake systems are made out of standard, high carbon steel.  Due to frequent use and exposure to corrosive conditions, this steel often breaks down within a year. Costs associated with replacing tubing in addition to down time during repairs can be enormous. Vehicles that have weak or damaged parts can also be a major road safety hazard .


By installing a J. McGinley Company tube or part, you will never have these costs or problems again. All our tubes are made with high grade, 304L stainless steel that is designed to resist corrosion and increase performance.


J. McGinley Co specializes in in-house, stainless steel manufacturing. This helps us provide our parts with a lifetime warranty for the same or comparable prices to standard steel items. If  we do not have what you need in our always expanding inventory you can contact us to build you that last part you will ever install.




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